Jan de Dreu


Refereed journal articles
     "Pension fund efficiency: the impact of scale, governance and plan design", with Jacob Bikker, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2007, forthcoming.

Working papers
    "The impact of explicit deposit insurance on market discipline", with Vasso P. Ioannidou, CentER discussion paper No. 200605.
    "Stock market performance and pension fund investment policy: rebalancing, free float, or market timing?", with Jacob Bikker and Dirk Broeders, DNB Working Paper No. 154, 2007.
    "Behavioral aspects of the investment policy of pension funds", with Jacob Bikker, mimeo.

Book articles
    "Operating costs of pension schemes", with Jacob Bikker, In: S. G. van der Lecq & O.W. Steenbeek (editors), Costs and Benefits of Collective Pension Systems, Berlin: Springer, 2007, forthcoming.
    "Market discipline and deposit insurance", with Vasso P. Ioannidou, Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference of Bank Structure and Competition, Chicago, 2005.

In Dutch
     "Beurskoersen en beleggingen van pensioenfondsen", met Jacob Bikker en Dirk Broeders, Economisch Statistische Berichten, januari 2008.
     "Efficientie van pensioenfondsen", met Jacob Bikker, Economisch Statistische Berichten 91, September 2006.
    "Uitvoeringskosten van pensioenverstrekkers", met Jacob Bikker, In: S. G. van der Lecq & O.W. Steenbeek (red.), Kosten en baten van collectieve pensioensystemen, Deventer: Kluwer, 2006.